Blue Ridge Parkway Crew Wins Outstanding Youth Award!

This summer the Blue Ridge Parkway SCA Highlands crew, led by Kara Conner and Jeffrey Stenzel,  won the yearly Blue Ridge Outstanding Youth Award. Mark Mallette, the agency contact, nominated them for outstanding service by a youth group.

The crew had a variety of projects to work on during their time at the Blue Ridge. They widened sections of the side hill tread along the Bluff Mountain Trail in the Doughton Park area along the Blue Ridge Parkway. In their twenty one working days they completed 1500 feet of tread work. In addition the crew accompanied NPS staff in the tearing down and rebuilding of 3 split rail fences along the parkway totaling 2050 feet of fence. They also had the unique opportunity of building a bridge from Locust along the Bluff Mountain Trail.

The SCA volunteer crew was highlighted in the FRIENDS of The Blue Ridge Parkway Newsletter. The article included a photo of the crew and another of a fence built. A warm thank you was included and each crew member was given a copy of the newsletter.

Although the crew members came from different backgrounds they formed a bond during their time in the Blue Ridge. They camped, cooked, and lived together for thirty days while always joking around and having fun. They came to appreciate one another for their differences and learned about themselves as well.

Congrats to the crew and particularly the leaders for doing such an incredible job in running an excellent crew and for being such stand up representatives of the SCA and its  mission. Job well done Kara and Jeff!