LNT Master Educators Course

In SCA’s ongoing effort to certify more staff as Leave No Trace Master Educators, SCA’s Safety & Training Department will be hosting multiple courses
this year that will be a three-day backpacking trip.

Days will be spent hiking and stopping along the way to discuss and learn the skills and techniques of Leave No Trace as well as teaching techniques for sharing it with others.  After  completing the course, it is possible to teach both the Awareness and Trainer level courses that LNT offers as well as assisting with Master courses.

Cost for the course will be at or below $300.  This is an absolute bargain with many Master Educator courses running in the $700-$830 range.  The price includes all instruction, food, and Leave No Trace materials.  This price is for SCA staff (full time and seasonal) only.  If any non-SCA people are interested in attending, please have them contact me directly.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Safety and [email protected]