Become a Conservation Work Skills Instructor!

SCA is gearing up for another big training season and is currently recruiting qualified Conservation Work Skills Instructor apprentices! Apprenticeships are an important part of the SCA Conservation Work Skills history. Serving as an apprentice allows SCA staff to become more familiar with you and the specific skill sets you bring to the SCA Conservation Work Skills program.

The roots of Conservation Work Skills began with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the traditional skills that they employed to work on projects that are still in place today. As many of the staff in our federal lands retire, the need for these skills has become more apparent. The CCC trained many of the National Park Service employees that have worked over the past few decades in these traditional work skills. To do this, there was an impetus to create a training program to ensure that trail teams and fire teams had the proper skills to do lasting impactful work in our national public lands. Training programs have been run a few different ways over the years, but SCA continues to provide these skills vital with our Conservation Work Skills training. A large portion of SCA alumni find themselves working in the federal land management system and much of that is the result of the training SCA provides to our members
and partners. The success of this depends on recruiting high quality instructors. By joining this process you are stepping into the conservation lineage of our nation’s public lands.

Application Process:

  • Submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]
    • Please include at least 2 professional references (may include SCA staff).
    • If you have a connection with SCA please indicate that as well.
  • Pass the SCA background check
  • Approval to an SCA certified Apprentice track by The SCA Conservation Skills Instructor Review Panel
  • MVR check required if driving an SCA vehicle (owned or rented)
  • A minimum of Basic First Aid/ CPR Certification (Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder preferred for some sites)

Your application materials will be reviewed by the Conservation Work Skills Review Committee. If the necessary requirements are met, this group will then recommend the appropriate apprentice track that fits your background and skills. Qualified applicants must attend the entire track to be considered for a position. Please refer to the description of apprentice tracks for more information.

Upon the successful completion of the apprenticeship process you will be granted SCA Work Skills Instructor status and have the ability to work for SCA in the SCA Conservation Work Skills program. Traditionally, this process has focused specifically on trail building and maintenance. We are now including other skill sets that are valuable to SCA, our leaders, and partners. Examples of these are: plant identification and invasive species mitigation, GIS/GPS, environmental education, wildfire
training, chain saw instruction, etc.