Booking Your Travel on Egencia

Online Travel with Egencia

When am I eligible to utilize SCA’s online travel service Egencia?

All leaders and members of the Leader Team will be booking their travel through Egencia. Make sure you review SCA’s Travel Guidelines and book your flight accordingly.

Who should I choose to be my Approver?

Everyone please choose Hannah Jo King as your approver.

When is the best time to book my travel on-line with Egencia?
We suggest booking your travel on-line during regular office hours on Monday through Friday EST (8:30am-5pm, until 3pm is best on Friday).  Do this as soon as your training/program location is confirmed.  This will enable Hannah Jo to approve your itinerary quickly and will minimize the cost of your ticket.

How do I create a new Egencia account?
Click here to create your account and fill out the traveler profile.  Fill out the traveler profile, filling out all of the mandatory fields. Please be sure the name used in the traveler profile matches the name on your photo ID.

1. Fill in your first and last name as they appear on your ID
2. Supply your email address as a username.
3. Enter this as your Reason for Travel: Program Travel
4. Enter this as your Travel Group: Member Travel- To/From Site or Field Leader Travel (for Project Leader)
5. Leave the drop-down for Select Your Department at ‘- unassigned -’
6. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to create your account.
7. Once your registration is approved you will receive an email that will provide detailed steps to return to Egencia and book your travel. Keep this email for important additional help and 24/7 assistance phone numbers and links.

Some important tips during the actual flight booking process:

  • SouthWest Airlines is now an option through Egencia’s regular search. Please take a look at their “Get-Away” flights as they are cheaper, and offer two free checked bags.
  • During this process you MUST select an approver to finalize your flight itinerary or it will never be approved. Please select Hannah Jo King as your approver.
  • Please also select a Department and select one of the following:
  1.    If you are the Leader of the Leader Team select:  “Leader Team CREW LEADERS (285-5565-0000)
  • After you create your air travel itinerary, the SCA account manager will approve the trip. Once approved, you will receive a link to “Book Now” to actually purchase your ticket. You are responsible for following through as soon as possible to book your ticket at the price originally approved at. If the fare changes more than $1, the flight will require pre-approval.

How do I pay for my travel?

  • You don’t!  SCA pays for your travel to/from training and to/from your program site up to $650 per round trip ticket (more for Alaska crews).  Other travel-related expenses are also reimbursed, including baggage fees, meals, carbon offset options, etc.  Please see SCA’s Travel Guidelines for the full description of this benefit and for the Travel Reimbursement Form.

Who do I call at Egencia in the event I have travel problems?

To reach an Egencia agent, please call:

  • 866.397.2677 or 702.939.2530

To reach the Leader Teams Recruiting Coordinator, please email or call:

What if I’m Driving?

If you are driving to and from the site you will need to submit a travel reimbursement via Nexonia at the end of your trip.  This form and a detailed listing of what can be submitted for approval can be found under the travel section of the CL website.  You must keep all of your receipts for transactions you wish to submit for approval.  If there is not a receipt, you will not be reimbursed.  All requests for reimbursement must be received no later than 1 week after the last day of your Leader Team.  Requests received after the 1 week deadline will not be considered.

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