Your MySCA Portal

As part of your Pre-Program preparation, you will need to dive into your MySCA portal to find important information pertaining to your team….

Finding your Corps Members Contact Information & Medical Forms:

  • Please Note: Do not contact the members listed on your team until you are told to do so by SCA.
  • Login to your MySCA portal
  • Click on the tab “My Team”
  • Click on the “PO-xxxxx” link listed under “position”
  • There you will see a list of your members, with links to their applications, contact information, medical forms, and any medically associated accommodations.
  • Click on their name to find their email and phone numbers.
  • Click on the “Click here” link under the column titled: “Sertifi Link to Medical Form” to see their entire medical form.
  • The Accommodations listed on the initial view of your members give insight to any conditional responses & questions, to learn more about the accommodations simply click on the “Sertifi Link to Medical Form”.
  •  You will need to take the Medical Response Waiver and the Authorization to Treat signatures (the last page in the medical form) into the field. 

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