Admissions, Uniform, and Equipment Staff

Sue Minor: HR Coordinator, Recruiting (Oakland, CA)


[email protected] and [email protected] phone:  510.832.1966

Sue is available to answer questions regarding SCA leader opportunities and application status and troubleshooting.

Allison Judkins: Field Services Manager (Charlestown, NH)

[email protected] and [email protected]

Allison is available to help for all travel booking and reimbursement requests.

Derek Snelling: Equipment Coordinator (Charlestown, NH)

[email protected]

Winston McBride: Equipment Coordinator (Charlestown, NH)

[email protected] 

In their roles as Equipment Coordinators, Derek and Winston oversee the purchasing, inventorying, maintenance, shipping, and repairing of the majority of the gear used by National HS, Corps Teams, and Community Programs.  The y are available for any equipment/gear related questions.


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