Online Trainings

Welcome to The SCA! You are required to complete the following online training’s within 14 days of your acceptance and/or prior to your training.

1. Risk Management Online Training: Please watch the presentation then take the quiz.

2. Driver Training & Forms

  • Online driving session (Required for all SCA Drivers, please download your completion certificate and save for your records).
    • Click on the New Student button.
    • Click on click here for new student registration
    • Type in the Access Code: SCAMOD and click Submit.
    • You will be presented with a Registration page. Type in your information, including a Login ID and a Password of your choice, and click Submit. (Please note you will receive a confirming email reminding you of the Login ID you created, that you may use for access as a Returning Student.)
    • On the My Courses page, click on the course title to begin your training.
    • Complete all 9 courses and upload each of the certificates.

3. Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment (Required for all leaders, please download your completion certificate and save it for your records).

4. Leave No Trace Awareness Course (please download your completion certificate and save it for your records).

5. Sparks: How Youth Thrive (21 minutes) Optional for Youth Leaders.

6. Brene Brown on Empathy (3 minutes) Optional for all Leaders.