Traveling to new places is one of the benefits of being an SCA Crew Leader.  As a Field Leader, you are expected to attend (at least) two events:  Training, and your Program. If you are a Community Leader, you will primarily be traveling for Training. All will require travel arrangements, and with SCA’s mission and desire to conserve our natural resources, along with the increase in travel related expenses, we hope that you will take the time to consider your choices and their financial and environmental impact. Thank You!

Become Familiar with SCA’s Travel Guidelines                                                          

We know you are excited to get into the field, but before you start organizing your itinerary, please review the section, SCA Travel Guidelines.

Flying to Get There? Book Your Airfare with Egencia

You have reviewed the Guidelines, and now you are ready to select your itinerary! Field Leaders are expected to use our online travel site to book any and all air travel to and from training, as well as to and from the Program site (if applicable). To get started, please review the section, Online Travel with Egencia.

Please note: Travel arrangements booked through Egencia are generally non-refundable and remain ticketed in the name of the Field Leader. A Field Leader is responsible for the use of a ticket, value of a ticket, or relevant change fees, and is held accountable in circumstances when SCA has booked and paid for travel and the Field Leader does not fulfill their travel arrangements at their own fault (i.e., missed flights, withdrawing from program after travel to training/site has already been purchased).

Getting There Another Way?

If you are driving or decide to take a train/bus, book your tickets on your own and request reimbursement. See SCA Travel Guidelines for more information.