SCA Travel Guidelines

Booking Your Travel

All Field Leaders are expected to use our online travel agent, Egencia, to book their flights to and from training, as well as to and from their program site(s), if applicable. Please review Online Travel with Egencia for directions on how to create an account, along with the approval and booking processes.

Please note: Travel arrangements booked through Egencia are generally non-refundable and remain ticketed in the name of the Field Leader. A Field Leader is responsible for the use of a ticket, value of a ticket, or relevant change fees, and is held accountable in circumstances when SCA has booked and paid for travel and the Field Leader does not fulfill their travel arrangements at their own fault (i.e., missed flights, withdrawing from program after travel to training/site has already been purchased).

SCA Travel Allowances Reimbursement

As explained on the Online Travel with Egencia page, SCA provides each Field Leader with a travel allowance:

National & Community Crews

  • If traveling for Training, your allowance is $500.00
  • If traveling for Program, your allowance is $500.00
  • Please note: If you are traveling to or from Alaska or a small airport, your allowance is $800.00.  Confirm with your Program Manager if you are eligible for the small airport allowance.

Corps Project Leaders

  • Please reach out to your Program Manager to discuss the amount of your travel allowance.

Once your itinerary has been booked, any remaining funds from this allowance can be applied, in the form of reimbursement, to the following items:

  • Bus or Train ticket fare
  • Mileage (if you drive your own vehicle) at .50/mile
  • Travel related lodging (i.e. early flight requires overnight stay nearby the airport)
  • Travel related meals (meal expenses incurred on the day of travel to/from)
  • Parking
  • Tolls
  • Airline baggage charges

Additional travel-related expenses that do not appear on the list above may be submitted and reviewed for reimbursement.

In order to request reimbursement, you will need to fill out a reimbursement request via Nexonia. You must keep all of your receipts for transactions you wish to submit for approval. If there is not a receipt, you will not be reimbursed. All requests for reimbursement must be received no later than 1 weeks after the last day of your program or training. Requests received after the 1 week deadline will not be considered.

Again, please complete all reimbursements via Nexonia.